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eSupport Chat Transcript

eSupport Chat Transcript

 Tulika > I am waiting for a refund for 6 months. Numerous phone calls to customer service, still no help.
 Mark > Hello Tulika, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Mark. Please give me one moment to review your information.
 Mark > I am sorry to hear that.
 Mark > Can I please get the account number and the phone number of account for verification. Thanks.
 Tulika > Account number - 06104 179589-03-8
 Mark > Allow me to pull up your account information so that we can go ahead and attend to your concern.
 Mark > I am sorry for keeping you on hold Tulika, I am still trying to pull up your account information. Please give me a few moments. Thanks.
 Tulika > ok
 Mark > May I ask what is the service from Comcast that entails a refund for you   Tulika?
 Tulika > I had internet service in Jersey City, and then I moved and was overbilled
 Tulika > I had cancelled my service on time
 Mark > Okay.
 Mark > Thanks for that.
 Tulika > I received a letter in July 2008 that I should get refund of $81.30
Tulika > I was billed extra for a month and half
 Mark > Since then you have been calling Comcast about your refund but still it was not given to you yet?
 Tulika > yes, I have called at least 9 times
 Tulika > and first few times they said they have filled a form for me and I should get refund in 3 - 4 weeks
 Mark > Okay. I am sorry for that. I will try my best   to look for answers from my end. I am currently pulling up your billing record from us so it will guide me as well. 
 Tulika > On january 5th they gave me a case tracking number and said 3 - 4 days
 Tulika > I have case tracking number 2644.4779
 Mark > Okay. Got that. Thanks for the information.
 Mark > Thank you for patiently waiting Tulika. I am still trying to pull up my tools that will show your billing details. Please give me a few more   moments. Would that be okay?
 Tulika > ok
 Mark > What I am doing now Tulika is checking on your billing details and also be checking on the previous notes that you had with the previous agents. 
 Tulika > ok
 Mark > Thank you for patiently waiting Tulika. I just want to double check that you should be receiving a $81.30 as refund, right?
 Tulika > yes
 Mark > Thanks.
 Mark > Thank you for patiently waiting Tulika. I know this will make you sad, but I regret you to inform you that we can't process a refund via chat and I just talked to my supervisor on this. What I can do from my end is to put a PRIORITY NOTE about your concern and include all the details of your issue regarding the refund that you should be getting from Comcast. Are you amenable for this? 
 Tulika > hello?
 Tulika > do I have a choice? They said the same thing to me last 4 times I called
 Tulika > they are putting a "priority" on this refund
 Mark > Apologies for this Tulika. I know I may sound redundant from the previous agents but let me assure you that we will be taking an extra effort on this concern of yours.
 Tulika > ok, so how long do I wait this time?
 Mark > I will be doing an extra mile from my end   and advise someone to follow it up. But then again, the best thing you can do, again and again, is to call 1-800-COMCAST.
 Tulika > ok
 Tulika > I call and get the same story like a record
 Mark > I am also currently making a priority note/memo on this concern which I will be including the previous informations you gave me.
 Mark > I know how you feel Tulika.
 Tulika > fine
 Mark > What I am doing now Tulika is creating two priority notes for you with regards to this issue. 
 Tulika > ok
 Tulika > is that all?
 Mark > Yup. I will be processing this memos from my end now Tulika. 
 Mark > If you can hold on and wait   as I finish processing everything from my end. Would that be okay?
 Tulika > ok
 Tulika > I have waited long and I am not seeing any progress.
 Mark > We really apologize for that Tulika. 
 Mark > Thank you for patiently waiting Tulika. I just made a report on this and please write down the Ticket ID which is 1205043. I actually made 2 priority memos on your query and advised Comcast to look on this concern with utmost priority. I also strongl  y suggest that you call 1800 COMCAST and inform the billing department that you have been doing a lot of follow-ups for more than 6 months. 
 Tulika > so what happens to the old tracking number?
 Mark > The old tracking number will be the basis that your previous contact promised to process your refund for 3-4 days but actually didn't happen. 
 Tulika > so next time I call customer service I give them both numbers?
 Mark > Please give them bot  h Ticket Numbers so that they will be informed that you have made a lot of calls already. 
 Mark > I am really sorry I can't help you with the refund via chat Tulika. 
 Tulika > No one seems to be able to help with refund
 Tulika > and when its time to bill, you charge huge late fee for even one day delay
 Mark > Rest assured that Comcast will deal with this concern seriously. Please provide them all the information including the actions being   taking by the Customer Account Executives on this concern.
 Mark > Is there anything else I can assist you today? 
 Tulika > Do you have a ID / chat ID?
 Mark > We don't normally have a chat ID because the customers that comes in the chatroom is system generated Tulika.
 Tulika > I am looking at other scripts online, and they have provided customer id
 Tulika > I mean chat id
 Tulika > http://consumer-complaint.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html
 Mark > Okay I am checking on it as well. 
 Mark > Is there anything else I can assist you today? 
 Tulika > no, I just want my refund.
 Mark > I understand that Tulika.   By the way, I was able to get my Chat ID and its 34769008.
 Tulika > Thank you
 Mark > You are welcome Tulika.
 Mark > You have been very cooperative. I really appreciate it. Please do not forget to provide feedback by answering the survey questions at the end of this session. If you need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again, we will be glad to help you. Thank you for contacting Comcast and enjoy the rest of your day. 

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